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Who Makes GINY?

Rowan Christmas, mainly.  E-mail at the top of the page w/ anti-spam gaurd.

Which Graph Algorithms Does GINY include?

GINY does not officially provide any algoritms.  The idea is that GINY is simply an interface layer that is useful for building graphing projects.  GINY really only refers to an interface layer. 

But, there are some common algortihms that are available, and I really want to be able to include a bunch.  Currently I have:

  1. All Pairs Shortest Path
  2. Spring Embedded Layout
  3. The start of a Sugiyam Hierarchical Layout
  4. Many Useful things built into the library
    1. Node Neighbours
    2. Incident edges
    3. Outgoing Edges
    4. Incoming Edges
    5. All edges that connect a set of nodes.
    6. Other Useful things.
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If I write a new Algorithm/ Feature will you include it?


I would really like to have more Algorithms that are distrubted in a separate "GINY Util" package.  Here's some I would like:
  1. Breadth First Search ( BFS )
  2. Depth First Search ( DFS )
  3. Birds-Eye View ( very easy to do with Piccolo )
  4. Orthogonal Layout
  5. Circular Layout ( not just a circle, but like the one Y-Files has ;) )
  6. Tree Layout
  7. Any other Layout
  8. Rank Assignment
  9. Connectivity Measures
  10. Spanning Trees
  11. Cycle Measures
  12. Anything that can make use of the hierarchy.